About Us

Welcome to Qaim Leathers
We are OEM Tanners, Manufacturers and Exporters of Working Gloves
Qaim Leathers, founded in year 2010 as manufacturer, Importer and Exporter of Industrial Safety Products. Our line of products include working/industrial gloves mainly in large variety of leather and split leather and  Apron, Sleeves, Shoe covers, arm guards etc.
After passing through a long experience, now we are specialized in the following product range.

1. Canadian Riggers

2. Driver Gloves

3. Welder Gloves and welder wears

4. Mechanic Gloves

5. Goat and Sheep Skin working gloves

6. Cotton and Jersey Gloves

7. Work wears like apron, sleeves, jackets, shoe covers, arm guards etc.

8.Besides, we are gradually increasing our other products range.

1:No compromise on quality & scheduled delivery with highly competitive pricing. We stand ready to serve you our knowledgeable friendly staff willing to answer any question regarding our product line.

Products Features :

1. Superior quality products.

2. Competitive prices.

3. Quick and easy scheduled shipment.

4. Guaranteed! High quality safety products every time.

5. Friendly Knowledgeable sales staff.

6. The best / latest possible protection against on-the-job hazards.

7. Experience Since 2010

Mission :

1. Protect professionals

2. Manufacture durable

3. Utmost customer Satisfaction

4. Offer high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

5. Passion for innovative and state of the art products

6. Gain trust of our customer


1. Sialkot Chamber of commerce and Industry (SCCI)

2. Pakistan Gloves Manufactures and exporters association (PGA)

3. Cleaner Production Center, Sialkot, Pakistan (CPC)


Working Setup:

1. Tannery:

2. Wet and Milling Drum

3. Shaver Machines

4. Buff Machines

5. Hydraulic Cutting Press

6. Production Department:

7. Stitching facility with Juki Stitching Machines

Out sourcing:
Sialkot is rich in manpower in many areas. There is unlimited opportunity to use labor spread in outskirts of Sialkot so we do. We have chain of outdoor production units as an option to use to speed up production and cut the lead time.


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